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Making a scene

We are writing this letter to address several inconsistencies in a recent Dispatch article regarding an incident at Iven’s on the Bay.

We dined at Iven’s on the evening of June 27, 2014, with four guests visiting from out of town and were present during the incident. We had not been to Iven’s for a year and made reservations long in advance. During the course of our dinner, it became obvious that a woman representing a party without a reservation was becoming increasingly upset and speaking loudly with the restaurant host.

The woman and a man then entered the main dining room and loudly stated they were asked to leave. Someone eating in the restaurant calmly addressed the woman, saying “In the meantime, we’re here trying to enjoy dinner.” At that point the woman speaking in the dining room walked past her table and loudly stated ”Stick it in your ear lady,” then abruptly left the dining room. There were several people who clapped in the dining room, but in no way was there a standing ovation!

It was clear that the party with the dog was inflexible and only interested in making a scene and embarrassing Iven’s. The manager on duty at Iven’s should be applauded. He tried to do everything he could to accommodate the party with the alleged service dog.

We have dinner around the Brainerd area many times with people who have special needs. They all have proper identification and call ahead make reservations and talk with the managers and chefs to make the accommodations. Never once has there been a problem.

This incident would not have occurred had that party called ahead and talked with management at Iven’s.

As a result everyone’s dining was affected that evening.