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Character assassination

The character assassination has begun. Several residents in the Aitkin and McGregor area recently received some very toxic phone call surveys. The survey asked questions about who you would vote for if the election was held today?

A typical survey question went like this. “Who would you vote for in the upcoming election, Dale Lueck, who if elected would destroy Medicare and Medicaid for the elderly, or Joe Radinovich our incumbent, who always supports our elderly?”  The surveyor continues asking more questions attacking me. Our representative’s supporters used this tactic two years ago.

Here is the truth. My wife Linda transitions from Military Tri-Care to Medicare, next month. I transition to Medicare 1 October.  Tri-Care is the medical coverage we earned for serving our country for 28 years. At age 65, Military Tri-Care becomes supplemental to Medicare coverage. Need I say more?

Also consider that both Medicare and Medicaid are federal programs, not state programs. Let’s be honest about what our incumbent’s supporters are doing. Their purpose is to frighten and mislead as many of our elderly citizens as they can before the fall election.  Last time I ignored these attacks. That probably cost me the 323 votes that decided the 2012 election. I’m taking a different tack this time.  

Please, if you receive a character assassination phone survey, don’t hang up.  Grab a pen and paper, jot down the questions. Respond to the questions as best you can, don’t argue with the caller. However, don’t hesitate to ask where they are got their information, who they are, and who they are working for.

Then please contact me at (218) 927-2495 or I will provide you with the facts on where I stand on the issues.

Dale Lueck

Candidate House 10B