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Ward supports young people

As the executive director for the Minnesota Youth Intervention Programs Association (YIPA) I have learned that when it comes to supporting youth, some lawmakers only talk the talk while others actually walk the walk. Rep. John Ward (District 10A) is a lawmaker who walks the walk.

On July 10th YIPA held a training on “Youth Engagement Matters” at the Brainerd Police Department. I was excited to see Rep. Ward as an attendee. It was not a drop-in. He was there to learn more about best practices in supporting youth and participated in the training alongside youth intervention workers.

I have had the previous pleasure to speak with Rep. Ward at the Capitol and he understands the importance of our youth as well as any lawmaker in our great state. He has done his homework and knows that youth intervention programs are producing great results for youth and are saving taxpayers’ money. Youth intervention programs are turning our at-risk youth into contributors to the common good versus their likely path toward being consumers of our public services.

The youth workers at YIPA’s training were thrilled to have a representative there that understands the value of their work. Not every lawmaker in Minnesota has taken the time like Rep. Ward has done over the years to learn how youth intervention programs benefit youth and improve public safety. You should be proud of Rep. John Ward’s commitment to supporting youth in the communities he serves.  

Paul Meunier

Ham Lake