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Climate warnings mount

Records breaking and weird occurrences have nearly all but the illiterate agreeing enough with the fossil fuels already. One documented prediction after another is being fulfilled in front of our noses. A few are heeding the warning and complying with the call to action to stop CO2 pollution.

November 2013 was the warmest November ever. Both May of 2014 and June of 2014 were also their warmest since recording began in 1880. It was amazing that all these records fell just as we broke the unbelievable high CO2 level of 400 PPM. The accuracy of scientists predicting this correlation for decades would be astonishing if it wasn’t frightening. These are the stories that have driven another homeowner to take action and put solar on their roof every four seconds in America.

The uncorking of the gas trapped below Siberia’s thawing tundra blew a 250-foot foot hole in the Earth last week. It’s scary, but we still have enough time to make a difference in how bad it gets. The only question is when do people’s minds decide to tell their brains to start working on solutions to this problem. People who use the most powerful tool we have, the brain, think of much smarter things to do with all that money.

It doesn’t take a lot of research to realize that generating solar power on your own property stops your CO2 pollution and eliminates another bill. Unleashing your brain power and producing clean power is the smartest thing we can do to slow the heating and killing of our planet. If you installed panels and traded for a plug-in hybrid car, two bills would be gone. People are doing it by the millions but it takes all of us acting to save our future.