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Reader Opinion?

I found it simply beyond belief that the Brainerd Daily Dispatch would print a letter from a current sitting Minnesota House candidate and call it "reader opinion."

John Ward's letter to the editor (BDD "On The Right Track" 7/17/14) was nothing more than a free campaign advertisement where he crowed on endlessly about how he redistributed your tax dollars, obviously because he presumes us to be too ignorant to know how to spend our own.

After helping to take $2.1 billion (yes, billion) new tax dollars last session from working Minnesotans, he was proud to be part of returning less than 20 cents on the dollar in "tax relief" to the very people he helped take the money from!

Of course, along the way, he and his fellow Democrats managed to work in pay raises along with another $90 million for a new office building. For themselves.

The irony is that some of the new taxes were so erroneous, so burdensome, that even the Dems had to 'walk them back' by repeal! Proof that once again, the DFL knows no limits on how much of your money they want, and are willing to waste.

A July 18 letter to the editor by Paul Meunier, the executive director for the Minnesota Youth Intervention Programs Association (YIPA), says Ward "Supports Young People."

As per the usual DFL practice, John Ward loves to support anyone, as long as it is with your tax dollars.

We do not, repeat, do not, require John Ward and the DFL to re-distribute our money, thank you very much.

Time for the socialization of your wallet to end. Enough of the false promises of prosperity just around the corner, if only we give them enough of our money.

Send Ward and the DFL hucksters packing in November.