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No money for Israel either

Mr. Cal Thomas was recently in Dispatch's Guest Opinion. He commented that Palestine is the culprit in recent uprisings in the Israel-Palestine region.

Mr. Thomas encouraged the U.S. to stop giving $5 billion overall to Palestine since the 90s, as they then pay high salaries to Hamas, who in turn kill people in Israel. Mr. Thomas we give $3 billion each year to Israel. Thus about $60 billion in the same timeframe.

I doubt that Mr. Thomas can substantiate that funds from U.S. to Palestine are used to pay high salaries for Hamas leaders. I import fair trade olive oil from Palestine. It comes through Israeli ports and ships so transactions are transparent. Proceeds support Christian run health and education facilities including $5,000 to Al Ahli hospital in Gaza (owned /operated by the Episcopal church) and which was recently bombed by the Israelis. The FBI visited me at my home to verify that funds were not going to Hamas.

If they are worried about $5,000 I am sure they would be very worried about $5 billion going to Hamas.

U.S. media informs us that three Israeli teens were kidnapped and killed while hitchhiking outside of Hebron. There is another understanding of the incident hailing from Bethlehem. That the three teens were killed in a car accident, then buried by Israel to foment a struggle with Hamas. No, Mr. Thomas, I cannot substantiate that story either.

Mr. Thomas it is disgusting to learn each day that lives are lost on both sides in this ongoing struggle. But with $60 billion going to Israel we learn that over 600 Palestinians have died in recent Gaza bombings including women and children. With $5 billion going to Palestine, only 30 Israelis (mainly military personnel) have died. A horrific comparison I must say.

So how about no money from the U.S. to either side. To the Dispatch/Forum I thank you for publishing the "other side.”