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Otremba - A lifelong Democrat

I would like to amend Mike O’Rourke’s tribute to Mary Ellen Otremba. Both Rep. Kresha and Steve Wenzel highlighted Mary Ellen’s devotion to her district and to the people she served. Very true! Mary Ellen was devoted to her constituents and cared about them in a way rarely seen in modern politics.

Rep. Kresha and Steve Wenzel also noted that she was pro-life in opposition to her party. But Kresha and Wenzel left us with the impression that she was somehow conflicted by being a Democrat. She was not!

During one of our conversations, she shared that one of her constituents was stopping his chemotherapy treatments because the medical costs would cause the family to lose their farm. Mary Ellen was deeply saddened that anyone would have to choose between their life and their family’s future.

Yes, Mary Ellen was pro-life. But to her, protecting and respecting life went far beyond protecting fetuses. She felt that the government should and could help people in need. What some call social welfare, Mary Ellen saw as helping our neighbors and that was the motivating force that kept Mary Ellen Otremba a lifelong active Democrat.