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How many would you like?

I’m really encouraged by all the sympathy and acceptance for the illegal immigrant children pouring into the United States across our southern border by some U.S.citizens. These people are not daunted by the problem of health costs, schooling costs, and lack of known health and history of these children. Let them come and we’ll figure out the problems later.

I can also sympathize with the U.S., citizens who are concerned about the history of those children coming in, their health, the welfare of these children and the cost of raising and schooling them now and into the future.

I think I have a solution for both sides. We first create a list of all our citizens who are in favor of accepting these children into our country. We create a national registry with the number of children each person would like to receive into their home. They can specify age, sex and number that they would like. Likewise we create a list of available children by age, sex and simply pair up the two lists.

The children would be delivered to the waiting citizens and from then on it would be the responsibility of the citizens to raise them to maturity. Simple isn’t it.

Give it some thought. How many by number, sex and age would you like?

Joe Lanz