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Smoke problems

In the last week the smoky smell of a pit fire has permeated our entire neighborhood (on four different nights) and sent us rushing to shut our house windows! We have chosen to live in small cities our entire lives and this was never an issue in the past. Pit  fires in one's city backyard were unheard of.

If one wanted to experience a campfire they took their family to a city park or camping.

Now, we have no choice in avoiding the smell of a smoky pit fire that often smells like burning garbage. We tolerate the long winter to enjoy the fresh air of spring/summer/fall. This wonderful treat is hampered by other's choice to inflict their smoky pit fires on those homes around them and even blocks away.

All I ask is for consideration of others when opting to have a pit fire. This can be a serious health issue for neighbors with lung issues. Please be responsible: Burn dry wood, non-windy days and put out fire when done. It truly is not that complicated.

Jill Zauhar Backberg