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Leftist propaganda

The Brainerd Dispatch editorial on former Gov. Arne Carlson’s speech contained all the ingredients of leftist propaganda, from Popular Front camouflage to badly concealed hypocrisy. There was, of course, no attempt to conceal the contempt for the intelligence of the reader. That’s because it isn’t offered to the intellect of the reader. It’s smeared on the emotional windows of the reader.

The editor doesn’t even realize he gives himself away quoting the remark, “What defines your community are the people.”

Yes, dear editor. The people. Not the government. Not folks who serve forever, demanding unconditional respect. The question we must ask is: Just who is serving whom?

Hypocrisy reaches fever pitch in the paragraph describing how “maverick” Republican Carlson (read: “Progressive Republican Carlson”)  advises following leftist dogma to advance leftist policy - with all due respect, of course, draped over the drivel:

“First, … we need to send our best and brightest candidates to the Minnesota Legislature and Congress. This advice seemed consistent with a then-surprising stance the former governor and lifelong Republican disclosed in a Brainerd Dispatch story in 2008, in stating that in his opinion Gov. Sarah Palin fell short of the standards that should apply when selecting a vice presidential candidate.”

Apparently, people like Barack Obama, Keith Ellison, Mark Dayton, Jessie Jackson Jr. (now receiving a fat government pension in prison), and myriad other corrupt dispensers of “public service” Carlson wishes us to stop “bad-mouthing to an unacceptable level,” just can’t hold a candle to little old Sarah in the evil department.

“War on women,” anyone?

This editorial was a bit on the amateur side. But at least we know the boys at the Brainerd Dispatch are hitting the practice tee every chance they get.

Guy Green