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No more multiplying

I hear there are thousands of illegal kids that have crossed our border. What are we going to do with them? They say it’ll take a year to process them through immigration. During that time, we’ll have to house them, feed them, clothe them and give them medical care. There are thousands more waiting to cross the border and sneak in. This is probably a drop in the bucket compared to how many illegal immigrants come in each year.  How do they get past the border patrol? Aren’t they looking for people to cross? Or, don’t they have the manpower to control the borders? If this is the case, then Washington should come up with funds to add more people to the work force.  

The United States did not become the dumping ground for the world’s overflow of people. The world needs to start controlling its population, some countries more than others. There are only two ways you can control this: birth Control and an uncontrollable disease outbreak. I think it’s time we forget that saying, “Go forth and multiply.” I would doubt God ever said that to early man. They wouldn’t have known what that was and it probably took a million years before they learned how to talk or do math. If we want to be around another million years, the world better start controlling its population or we’ll have the earth polluted and run out of natural resources.

Just maybe we could cut down on world hunger and stop our problems at the border. If only people learned to have as many kids as they can support. If you can’t care for one, two is too many. We need to use birth control. This goes for the United States too, as mankind can’t control its sexual habits.