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A voice for the people

Many of us can easily recall the extreme frigid temperatures during the early months of last year, when scores of neighbors joined together to fight for our rights as property owners. We wanted to stop the city from ramrodding plans for sidewalks that will negatively affect us.

One man, a man that encouraged many of us to fight for our rights and led us in our efforts, was a voice for the people throughout the process. The man I am referring to is Guy Green.

Guy Green stood before the mayor and city council and spoke in our favor - Guy Green fought for us.

Mr. Green is now on the Aug. 12 ballot for mayor of Brainerd and he needs your support.

Guy is going to fight for all neighbors in Brainerd when he becomes mayor. He's proven he's intelligent, honest, articulate and has strong character. He has also pledged to limit himself to two terms, saying Brainerd is full of folks who are willing and able to serve, once the power cronyism is shown the door. He's certainly right about that.

Brainerd needs a mayor that will stand up for what the people want, not a mayor who supports the city council's cronies and moves arrogantly forward with a project that only people not affected by the project wanted. City hall couldn't produce a single citizen letter of support prior to the start of the steamroller process forcing sidewalks in Northeast Brainerd. Not one.

Do you think it's time for a mayor that'll fight for your ideas, values and beliefs? Then vote for Guy Green in Brainerd's very first primary election on August 12, 2014.

This city needs a principled leader in the mayor's office. Let's elect one.