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Love for animals

I talked to a man the other day that told me this summer he has successfully captured over 100 small animals - squirrels, rabbits etc. I asked him what he does with them and he told me he puts them in the freezer, until they freeze to death and then throws them away. I was flabbergasted and had no answer to his smirk. For while I wasn’t even sure he was serious but now I know he was. Anybody but me see something wrong with this guy? Especially when he wants to talk about it. I have known this man and his family most of my life and I’m not sure where this kind of thinking comes from. It’s not from his family and I’m sure of that.

What is it that turns somebody into a born killer like this and how far are they from killing other people’s pets or even people? It’s been my experience in life that people, who have no respect for life in animals, are not that far from crossing over to bigger things.

We’ve all had to deal with animals that were pests and yes in some cases that means killing them but in this man’s case he live traps them. If he wanted to just get rid of them, all it would mean is a trip to some rural area and let them go. It says to me, it’s not the capture that excites him, it’s watching them die a slow painful death and that is so sick.

Isn’t it ironic that the creature on this earth, that has evolved into the smartest animal on the face of this earth, is most animals mortal enemy and that includes himself.