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Minnesota is working

John Ward, my state representative, sent out a flyer summarizing some of the bipartisan accomplishments of our state government this year.

Just taking an overall feeling, I get the impression of some accomplishment and cooperation within our state government this past year. The really strong discord feels like it comes from the federal level.

Our state is mostly in the control of one party, the Democrats. That's probably why politically things seem quieter in Minnesota than nationally. I'm a liberal, yet I see Democrats haven't gotten everything I'd like to see. But they have paid back money taken from our children through the schools and their education. Taxes have been raised on the wealthy; I haven't heard of any great exodus of them, nor any of them having to apply for SNAP (food stamps). They say the budget is balanced now.

Property taxes are lower, allowing more people to keep homes. Income taxes are up, but if you're making more money, it makes sense to pay more taxes. (Why tax someone at all on a below-poverty income, which sales taxes do? Sales taxes are "rich people's preferred tax". Wealthy benefit at the expense of the lower and middle incomes.)

Wisconsin and Kansas have taken the other, more extreme conservative approach. Kansas is in shambles.

Comparing Wisconsin and Minnesota: Job growth, Minnesota 1.9% percent, Wisconsin 0.7 percent. Forbes Best for Business, Minnesota No. 8, Wisconsin No. 41. Economic climate rank, Minnesota No. 9, Wisconsin No. 30. Uninsured, Minnesota 4.9 percent, Wisconsin 10 percent. (Scott Walker is governor of Wisconsin, “employed” by the Koch brothers.)

"Throw them all out." That is foolish if things are working, and Minnesota is working much better than Wisconsin! What needs to change isn't politicians, it's voters. If the voters don't change, they'll just re-elect the same sorts as the first time.