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Otto the far superior candidate

One of the more disgusting things about today's political reality is that any clown with a wad of wealth can step in, misrepresent his record as well as that of his opponent, hope to dupe the electorate and potentially be elected.

Case in point: perennial candidate Matt Entenza who waited until the last minute to file to run against two term auditor incumbent Rebecca Otto in the Aug. 12 primary.

In over-sized post cards sent to rural mailboxes, Entenza claims to have grown up in rural Minnesota. Fact is, he grew up in California before moving to Worthington for three years, went to college in the cities, spent time abroad, then returned to pursue a lawyer career in the cities. Rebecca Otto, on the other hand, lives with her husband on a farm.

He also makes spurious claims about what he would do if elected auditor - claims which are gubernatorial or legislative by process - indicating that he really doesn't understand what the constitutionally mandated duties of the state auditor are.

Finally, Entenza falsely accused Otto of supporting voter photo ID, which would make it more difficult for voters to vote. That claim was unanimously rejected on July 24 by a three judge panel of the Office of Administrative hearings where Entenza had filed a complaint against Otto on the issue.   

Rebecca Otto is nationally recognized as one of the best, arguably the best, state auditor in the nation. She is winner of the National Excellence in Accountability Award, has been named one of the 15 most influential government auditors in America on any level and has served as President of the National Association of State Auditors. Otto has done an outstanding job of oversight and accountability in Minnesota.

Join me in voting for Rebecca Otto on Aug. 12.