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Seifert is the best choice

Probably many of you conservatives (and even some Republicans) have, like me, grown weary of being dominated by metro establishment representatives and metro interests, no matter which party is in power.

I urge you to look at the issues and solutions offered by Marty Seifert, candidate for governor of Minnesota. These are issues of vital importance to all of us. Marty is not only a man of character and proven leadership, he is the only candidate who does not have his roots in Metro Big Machine politics. I think you will find that Marty Seifert is the best choice to represent the values so many conservatives claim they want from a leader. Look and see for yourselves.  (

All Minnesota citizens need a governor with a clear vision and voice on the issues plaguing us today, not just those benefiting from metro-driven agendas.

The GOP primary is just around the corner. Please go out on Tuesday, Aug. 12, and vote Marty Seifert for governor.