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Wallin represents us well

This coming Tuesday, Aug.t 12, is our opportunity to be a part of America's most important liberty: the democratic process of voting our beliefs and hopes. Although it is the first of two elections (the primary), it is a very important day - in that it narrows down the choices to two people each in the elections coming up in November. This Tuesday we determine who our choices will be - four months from now.

Especially important to those of us who reside in Brainerd is the coming election of our mayor. Although this position (in Brainerd) is not empowered to vote on council decisions (except to break a tie vote), it is a truly an important one. The mayor holds the role of the persona and face of our community. The mayor is our representative and diplomat to the greater community of the country and occasionally the world. This role requires a balance of charisma, humility, and community pride. It requires optimism, and is so enhanced with warmheartedness and experience.

James Wallin has dedicated his life to serving his country as a soldier, his business through plain old hard work and sense of fairness, and this city of Brainerd as council membership and a sincere and dedicated mayor. The experience, energy, and optimism James brings in representing our city, is truly valuable to us all. I have admired his love of Brainerd for many years, and will be proud to serve with him going forward.

Chip Borkenhagen