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Give cops a break

Have you ever been stopped by a cop and wondered why they slink up to your car with their hand on their gun? Have you felt like a second-class citizen because you were treated like a criminal - at least in your mind?

“Sure, I was speeding a little and you know what, maybe I deserve a ticket but I don’t deserve to be treated like Public Enemy No. 1.”

Let’s trade shoes for a moment. As a police officer I’m charged with upholding the law. You were going 45 in a 30 and yeah, I can overlook a few miles an hour, but at the very least you need a little lecture. I’m betting you’ve never had to pull up on a bad accident with both cars belching steam and smoke and you’re just one person for the moment, so you have to pick and choose who gets your attention and who doesn’t and yes, sometimes they die right there in front of you. You go home after work and look at your family and thank God that they’re safe.

But let’s change the topic here and now there is no accident - just a young man in a car. He can be as pure as the driven snow and he can be a career criminal like the man who assassinated the officer the other day. They know who you are but you have no clue, who they are. Nothing about that car tells you, this is a good guy.

So let’s help the police out. If you’re stopped, stay in the car and keep your hands where they can see them. If you’re guilty admit it and hope he/she hasn’t just come from that accident. Give them a break and maybe they will give you one.

Mike Holst