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MPCA and the pipeline

I found the guest opinion in the Aug. 6, 2014, Brainerd Dispatch most interesting.

It is not surprising to note that the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) favors the Enbridge oil pipeline. Not sure if the MPCA is more interested in employment than in environmental issues. MPCA’s view of environmental management is one criterion is good for all aspects of any environmental issue. Even in management of septic systems the MPCA Rules (Chapter 7980.2450 Maintenance) is by the calendar and is not by usage. Considering that it does not matter if one person flushes the toilet for three months in a year or 10 people flush 365 days a year. Pump every three years. They even say that checking costs about the same as pumping so most private system owners are better at economic issues and just pump.

The guest opinion writer also indicated that 459 individuals submitted opposing comments to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission which I guess would include mine. If the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources approves an oil pipeline in or near wetlands they violate their own rules.