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Insanity! Sending the same people back to Washington and expect different results. We have many challenges facing this nation. Debt and jobs would rank high. The current administration has done a miserable job in these areas. Why? Because they don't know anything about fixing either one. Almost everything they do ends up being a financial disaster at the taxpayer's expense.

This president had no track record of accomplishment in anything that would have prepared him for a role as president. Many people voted for him for all the wrong reasons. He's really good at fundraising, speeches and dividing this nation on social issues and never dealing with our national debt and job creation. All his power comes from local and state party politicians who rubber stamp anything he wants. It's never about the long-term good for this nation and its people. It's the party line first and maintaining power.

We need big changes in Washington instead of business as usual.

I believe Stewart Mills is the man we need to shake up Washington, especially when it comes to dealing with debt and job creation.