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Fifty percent

Previously I mentioned the state will pay 50 percent of dam repairs. I have been reading about that 50 percent and asking questions.

This 50 percent only applies to the physical dam, based on what I have read from the state and other sources with what I know of the hydro-dam, using that stuff called math, I estimate about 38 percent of the dam constitutes what’s classified as ‘physical dam’ (excludes spillways, catwalks, walkways, induction surfaces and systems, and anything related to the production of electricity).  In simple terms the dam is what actually holds back water.

From my studies I provide the following example: erosion of soil from end of dam (from actual event). The affected area of ‘physical dam’ was determined to be 5 percent of the total project, for example only we’ll say it was $100,000. Five percent = $5,000, at 50 percent equals $2,500.  However, it was determined that the physical dam was not damaged and the issue was caused by the property owner not maintaining the abutting land properly thus making them responsible 100 percent. In this case the state would pay nothing.

New regulations on hydro-power could require us to upgrade our dam to reach a 7 percent efficiency. Currently, using industry math, our generators are around 30 percent. But wait, there’s more. The regulations use the original design. We have been told there are five generators with a sixth slot, right?  Wrong! The dam was originally built to house 10 generators, by design we are automatically at 46% efficiency because the best you can get out of a dam is 92 percent efficiency. The other four slots are currently unusable because of modifications to the dam. We could be forced by new regulations to renovate the dam to accommodate those additional 4 slots, and upgrade our generators to achieve a 75 percent efficiency. 

STEVEN WOLFF was a candidate for mayor in Tuesday’s primary.