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Destroying the presidency

A few days ago an editorial was reprinted that spoke of President Richard Nixon as a wretched human being. It then went on to list his many negative actions and feelings and paid scant service to his numerous domestic and foreign policy accomplishments. I guess the author of the editorial meant, "to bury Caesar, not to praise him!"

I will admit President Nixon was a deeply flawed individual - and that can be said of any number of occupants of the Oval Office - including some of our more recent chief executives. I believe history will treat him far kinder than some of us who witnessed his downfall.

I believe I could successfully argue the current chief executive has done far more to denigrate and destroy the office of the presidency than Richard Nixon. While the last chapter of President Obama's controversial social agenda has yet to be written, his foreign policy disasters will likely spawn a thousand books and university classes.

I think I would take wretched and yet effective over the long string of unrealized promises and narcissistic incompetence of the last six years.