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Ideal Green Market

Aug. 12 the first shipment of goods arrived at the store in Ideal from Azure Standard, the company that will probably be initially supplying an Ideal-based food co-op. The orders, which came from a list of products available in printed catalogs and online, were submitted by a few residents who are currently working to organize a food cooperative in our neighborhood. These organizers have established the Ideal Green Market as a delivery site. Now people who want to order from this company and get the same local delivery service, can view the catalogue of products and order at:

Establishing a full-blown food co-op at the Ideal Green Market will take a little more time. The steering committee is creating a business plan, which will lead to filing for a state business license. More volunteers for steering committee tasks are needed. Funding for startup working capital will need to be sourced. And volunteers must be found and organized.

Some of you may have met these Ideal Green Market organizers; at the store in Ideal, at area farmers markets and even in your own neighborhoods. That’s because right now they are busy meeting as many of the local food farmers, growers, producers, and gardeners as they can before the growing season ends. Their goal is to offer local organic, non-GMO food and household goods for sale at the Ideal Green Market.

A buyers club with Azure Standard is a simple way to begin the process of becoming a food cooperative. Anyone who would like to join in this effort to get good quality products by purchasing as a group should consider participating with the Ideal Green Market.

For more info: web:, email:, phone: Mary Plein 218-543-6479.