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An expression of amazement

This is not a personal attack on Dana Milbank. It’s just an expression of pure amazement.  That’s because, for the first time since the Big Bang, an entire political party has never, ever, ever acted in a political way. 

Amazing, I tell you, absolutely amazing. Nor has any Democrat ever told a lie … oops, I forgot “If you like your doctor...”

It is true that all Americans returned from Benghazi. However, four of them returned in coffins.

Nevertheless, I will be contacting my good friend, the pope, requesting that he make all of the people Mr. Milbank deems faultless, candidates for sainthood. Oops, I lied, the pope is not my good friend. We just speak on the phone once in a while.

P.S. Bet you won’t print my letter because I am pointing out a truth that you don’t want to hear.  Right?