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Seek the Lord

Seek the Lord while He maybe found; call on Him while He is near. Isaiah 55:6.

By Jove, they’ve done it again; another great county fair. Thank God for a great week of weather also.

First, years ago I watched a TV movie about a president who had some men blow up a power plant in California, so he could declare a state of emergency and impose martial law. Communications weren’t so good back then, when he got on the air and no plant was blown up, the jig was up.

Martial law would put a hold on elections and infringe on our rights while the crisis existed, real or not. Just thinking out loud.

Next, in a book, “Heroes Among Us,” by Congressman and former Olympic runner Jim Ryun, is a story of the martyrdom of Elijah Lovejoy. His crime? Publishing an anti-slavery newspaper. The mob that killed him in 1837 included some doctors. In fact, Drs. Beal and Jennings were the two men to put their bullets in him as well as others, five bullets all together to kill the Presbyterian minister. Lovejoy died standing for what was wrong. Today, homosexuality is wrong but no one can stand and call it that, just like the mob of 1837, they must be silenced.

On the bright side of Lovejoy’s murder is, it boosted the abolitionists’ movement. Once when surrounded by a mob threatening to “tar and feather” him, he told them, “I am in your hands, and you must go with me whatever God permits.” Soon they parted and let him pass.

I’m a little bitter, though more disappointed by how America has turned to the flesh and not God.

Seek the Lord while He may be found is our only hope. Amen. God’s love is everlasting.