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Taking care of employees

When businesses operate successfully, it's usually a result of two important factors. First, good conscientious employees, trained and dedicated to their individual tasks. Second, someone with a good idea to put it all together.

Compare to a football team. Needed are skilled, well-trained players, offering "110 percent" effort. There must also be a coach, offering "110 percent" effort through a well thought-out plan to utilize the particular skills of the players.

In nearly all large businesses today, the goal by the owners is to gather as much money for themselves as possible. If they already have $250 million, it's not enough!

One of the more common ways by owners to increase wealth is to short-change their employees, the ones who leave sick children at home to come in and work, "for the company". The owners disrespect their employees, even as human beings.

When the employees don't have healthcare, sufficient time off, or enough pay and compensation, it means they won’t have enough money for food, housing, reliable transportation, heating, or schooling of their children.

They turn to government for help, because their employers have turned their backs on them, even while smiling fixedly and offering flowery words.

The government must tax to get funds to help people survive. When it turns to the owners who caused this unbalance in the first place, the owners complain and whine about "redistribution of wealth", and claim to be "personally offended."