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Be the leader we need

I thought that A. Martin was spot on with his reader opinion article on Tuesday. It was worth reading a couple times over. He made a nice correlation between the relationships of good teams and good companies, working towards common good and looking out for each and all. If only it were that way.

It seems with the loss of small businesses to the growth of "big box" stores, there's a loss of connection to service, somehow. It's maybe somewhat less personal. I think Martin connects that companies with profit as their main agenda and fail to provide a living wage along with some benefits, they lack connection to their workers.

As a country, the worker has lost and is losing ground in the economy. Part-time jobs with no benefits do not engender a living wage.

So, if we have real leadership, those willing shall we say, then where are the jobs going to come from? Mining is out there on the perimeter. Pipelines are temporary. New leaders ought to have new ideas. Let us get those ideas out there for the public to examine. Tell us, please.

Running on an agenda to stop this and stop that is not a platform that leads. I don't care if you're Republican or a Democrat, Independent, etc., if you can create jobs, bring your agenda openly and honestly, with a perspective of looking out for the common good, I would likely vote for you.  If you stand behind that what you say and do what is for the common good, I would likely vote for you again.

Get out in front and be the leader that we all need. We will follow.