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Frustration with media warranted

The frustration of Independence Party-endorsed Senate candidate Kevin Terrell with the media is warranted. (“Independence Party setbacks threaten major status,” Aug. 15.)

During Terrell’s dozens of public appearances and issue discussions, reporters failed to bring another valid political view into the Al Franken-Mike McFadden Senate coverage. Reporters have lost a bit of their edge in identifying newsworthy candidates and potential political and social solutions.

It is both mindless and exciting to just cover horse-race news stories - and you really can’t get it wrong when all you report is who is ahead. The culture within the media supports this as well. It takes more effort to do it differently and better.

But the premise of bringing another party and their candidate’s viewpoint exists. During county fair campaigns, the IP has a voting box asking if the two-party system is working for them. It is not just that the votes are 10 to 1 stating it does not work, but the disdain on their faces when they read the question is apparent.  Many voters are looking for a new options and the media has the tendency to look away.

The IP has much work to do to define the right path forward that will build the platform that changes government.  It needs to define the platform that brings more freedom to individuals and  taps into the entrepreneurship and innovation of citizens and businesses to deliver more of our society solutions.

It is this reporting that people need to hear, not another reporter who shows up late to the race, gives a quick glance around and writes another horse race story.