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Personal attacks

Perhaps I should be flattered. My wife and I seem to be a frequent topic of discussion by the challenger in the Brainerd mayoral campaign. I was disturbed by the personal insults in his most recent letter, and by the Dispatch choosing to publish personal attacks. Unfortunately, there will always be those who think they can shut down their opposition by getting nasty, and media outlets who repeat what they say because they think they will get a few more readers.  

The good news, Brainerd is not a place which rewards that sort of behavior. We are a diverse community with different political viewpoints, social and economic backgrounds. I have friends across the political spectrum, and have seen people from different backgrounds and viewpoints work together to make good things happen. Reasonable people can have different opinions.  While the city has a long way to go, we have seen hard work and cooperation pay off in recent years with the city making progress and innovating in tough economic times. I would hope that the challenger learns to respect and work with those who he does not agree with. Most of us do not want a mayor who will attack us if we disagree with him. If he chooses to continue his personal attacks I would suspect that he will have a hard time getting more than the 30 percent of the vote he received in the primary.