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Deer trail closed

Just east of the Crosby city limits is a “short-cut” between Highway 210 and County Road 31 called “Deer Trail.” It is only 0.4 of a mile long, but it is the shortest route between Deerwood and Cuyuna. It has been in existence and used for a long time, perhaps 100 years. It is well used. At times more than 1,000 cars a day use the road. It is just an ordinary road with minimal ditches and no bridges. It is about one-half mile shorter than other routes.

Last month the Deerwood Township Board closed it for the stated purpose of it being “too expensive to maintain.” A more probable reason is that individuals with clout wanted it closed so there would be less traffic. I’m sure the township receives a part of the state gas tax which is presently 46.5 cents per gallon so the cost of maintaining the road is borne by all of us not just the township.     

If 1,000 cars have to travel one-half mile further each day and it costs 50 cents a mile to run a car this amounts to $250/ day or $91,250/year. This action by the Deerwood Township Board smells like corruption. The road should be opened immediately and those responsible brought to task.