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School buses are back

Most everybody can likely remember the near tragedy last school year, when video footage showed a semi tractor-trailer passing a stopped school bus with lights flashing and stop sign extended while a little girl waited along the roadside to get aboard her bus.

Fortunately missing the girl by only mere inches, the semi driver shortly afterward turned himself in to law enforcement, apparently to take responsibility for his driving violation.

This incident was considered a “close call,” but hopefully it will serve as a valuable reminder to all drivers to pay better attention beginning next Tuesday morning, Sept. 2, because it’s that time of year again; the school buses will be back in full force transporting our most precious resource – the children.

Perhaps this school year, everybody behind the wheel will give extra consideration to not reading or sending text messages and talking on their phones, so they can stay better engaged in order to avoid similar “close call” incidents.

 A close call is one thing, but serious injuries and deaths as a result of not paying attention while operating what can easily be considered a dangerous weapon, is not only irresponsible, but also criminal. Drivers need to remember exactly what it is that is on the line every single time they turn the key.

Let’s hope, and better yet, let’s make it possible through our own actions while operating motor vehicles, that this year is the year that all students and drivers have a safe and productive school year.

You know you can do it; you can drive responsibly keeping in mind the kids and school buses out there while taking responsibility behind the wheel.

I’ll be rooting for all of you to make it happen.

Oh yes, one additional friendly reminder ...

Go Warriors!

JEFF CZECZOK is a candidate for the District 3 seat on the Crow Wing County Board.