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False idols

There are those who think ISIS would never attack our country. 9/11 has seemingly become forgotten but our borders have become like a giant Niagara Falls of illegal immigrants pouring in with almost 100,000 of them children. What is to prevent the bloodthirsty terrorists and more drug cartels to come in also?

We elected men and women to Congress to serve us. Instead, many serve only themselves with their main interest being that of their own political future and that of their party. The White House and all its inhabitants are wrapped in a world of unreality, treating our enemies as inconsequential yet, by far worse, destroying a long-standing trust of our friends and allies. 

President Obama seems to have absolutely no concern for the safety and defense of this country, cutting the military and refusing to listen to our military leaders who have far more experience than he has but he refuses to admit he is wrong about anything. 

Apathy has become another great danger. Will we wait until it’s too late? Technology gadgets of all kinds have become the idols many worship and think they cannot live without but what happens when our electric grids are attacked and destroyed? Will we be plunged into a world of darkness with no thought of how to live and defend ourselves? 

The greatest danger of all is the growing power of many organizations in this country who seek to destroy our freedom of speech and religion. Either you agree with them or else. Unfortunately many mainline churches have followed suit by replacing God’s word with man’s modern interpretation that sin no longer exists and sex is the new idol to worship. 

When we no longer honor God and his commandments our nation will be destroyed but who cares? Until it happens in your backyard.