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Hold Ward accountable

On his website John Ward makes several claims about how he supports this or that.  The truth of the matter is there are several issues on which he says one thing and then does another.

John, for example, claims he supports veterans and in the past has touted his disability, even going so far as to do it from the floor of the Minnesota House of Representatives, however, John turned his back on both groups of people and business owners when he voted against HF 677 3rd Eng. A 105, HJ 3878 back in 2013, which would have created tax credits for business owners who hire disabled veterans.

John’s website also talks about property taxes and how they are unfair. However, as anyone who has spent any time in our wonderful area knows, there are a plethora of cabins and agricultural land. Yet, he voted for HF 630 CCR 4th Eng., HJ 5877 in 2013, which imposes a new property tax levy on agricultural land and cabins. 

His website also claims he is an advocate for transportation. Well it would appear John must think metro transit is more important than transportation in the area he supposedly represents. John voted for HF 1444, HJ 5963, which funded metro transit at the expense of roads and bridges.

Transportation wasn’t John’s only vote in favor of the metro over his own area. John claims to be an advocate for “our” schools but voted for HF 630 CCR/4th Eng., HJ 5877 in 2013, which funded Minneapolis and St. Paul schools at the expense of school across the state.

It’s time we hold John Ward accountable to his record. We need a representative who will stand by the people of the lakes area.