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Shaw’s double standard

Over the past several months via this newspaper, Ed Shaw has called an elected official a liar at least twice, named three individuals “angry extremists” and called me a liar too.

His most recent endeavor criticized another for using personal attacks when identifying him by using a ‘less than flattering name.

It cannot be explained why Shaw doesn’t realize his double standard, but then again, even if it could be explained, it is highly likely it wouldn’t make any difference to him anyways because it’s obvious he cannot recognize his own personal attacks against others.

I conducted a survey around Garfield School; providing signed names of individuals not in favor of the sidewalks. I’ve never said there weren’t people in favor of the sidewalks, but I do know it is a fact, going back approximately 25 years the city never received one single written request for sidewalks or one single letter supporting the Garfield sidewalks prior to the project’s inception.

The survey conducted by Shaw provided data contrary to my survey, but differing results in a survey does not mean one person is a liar and the other is not. If this were the basis of whom is lying, based on the “Ed Shaw standard,” we both would be liars.

Regularly throwing stones such as calling people liars and angry extremists, all because Shaw disagrees with these individuals, clearly indicates Shaw does not live in a glass house.

Shaw touts Brainerd as being a diverse community with various ideas and political viewpoints while he states reasonable people can have different opinions., however; it appears you are not allowed by Shaw (without him attacking you) to be diverse or to offer your opinion if your opinion differs from his.