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Courage in governance

I am still basking in the inspiration and joy the Lakes Area Music Festival brought us this past month. My wife and I attended six of the seven concerts and each time we marveled at the precision and beauty of their performance. It was like a miracle! The only way all these diverse musicians could accomplish this was by putting their talents, hearts and minds together in a united purpose.

They not only gave us beautiful music, they gave us a paradigm for living.

Contrast this to the sad political world we live in today. We have elected officials to Congress who seek to abolish our federal government, while claiming to uphold the Constitution. They ignore that the Constitution establishes three branches of government — the executive, legislative and judicial — and that each branch must work together for the common good.

We get what we elect. If we hope to solve the problems we face today in militarism, corporate greed, education, immigration, gun control and environmental protection, we must elect officials who have the courage to work together to tackle them.