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Perception vs. reality

Are property taxes based on perception of individual resources or on a person’s life style?   Consider the following. Two individuals working side by side in factory “A” and earn the same wages. Both are married and have two children and live at opposite ends of the block. How these two families allocate their resources impacts their property taxes.

One family has a home of low real estate value but all family members have ATVs and snowmobiles, a big family boat and take annual summer vacations to places like Disneyland and winter trips to other locations.   

The other family has a home of moderately high real estate value but have no ATVs, or snowmobiles or a boat. Vacation times are used to maintain their home as they have pride in their home.    

Is the level of police or fire services different for these two homes? Is the snowplow raised or lower based of the amount of property taxes? The answer is no. So based on a person’s lifestyle and the home they live in, are some individuals subsidizing the community services for other individuals so all receive the same community services?