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Ferguson burning

I am reluctant to speak out on a national issue yet there are things that need to be said. I am appalled at what I see going on in Ferguson, Mo. As a naïve young 18-year-old white boy from Minneapolis my first duty station was at Marine Barracks at the Naval Station in Charleston, S.C., in 1962. I stepped into a time warp and could not believe they were still fighting the Civil War, literally. Whites only signs all over the place. No coloreds allowed all over the place. Whites Only public drinking fountain in public places, etc. I felt this was not only morally wrong, it was just not right, period. They hated blacks and anyone with a yankee  drawl down there.

Fast forward through the Civil Rights movement and all the gains made over almost 50 years to Ferguson. I will state that I do not think MLK would condone this behavior. Enter Al Sharpton, a reverse racist always playing the race card and all the out-of-state rioters and looters. Not a pretty sight at all and detrimental to the citizens of Ferguson. There have never been racial problems with the police before in spite of the makeup of the police department.

Now, factor in the size of Michael Brown vs. Darren Wilson, almost double. Throw in the video of Michael pushing a man half his size prior to the incident. Size alone can be a weapon. Why is it that blacks condone thugs shooting up neighborhoods and killing innocent people including children, yet remain mute unless there is a police involved incident? Why are the perps always choir boys? Just once I would like to hear that the perp was in fact a thug. Until that starts happening it will be a never ending cycle.