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Double check the facts

A recent writer took issue with some of my 2013 votes. Unfortunately viewing a particular vote out of the context of the entire legislative process can be misleading and lead to distortions. Sometimes in the Legislature, despite a bill or amendment having parts that you like or dislike, you may vote for or against it for a variety of reasons. 

For example, last year I worked to include funding for the Teen Challenge program in the state budget. Republican Rep. Kathy Lohmer and I went to Gov. Dayton and managed to secure funding for the program. Despite that success, Rep. Lohmer was unable to vote for the final bill. 

I’m sure area Republicans had their reasons for voting against all-day kindergarten, a college tuition freeze, property tax refunds, job creation initiatives, and local bonding projects. For my part, I stand by my eight-year voting record, even though in this season of campaign “gotcha politics” people will try to distort that record. Throughout my time in the Legislature, I’ve always researched the facts, listened to constituents and made what I felt was the best possible decision for our communities.

Over the last two years, the Legislature has made significant investments in education, started to close the funding equity gap between metro and rural schools, pursued job creation initiatives that have helped push our labor force to the highest levels in state history and passed a number of important infrastructure projects, including roads and bridges.

Minnesotans should hold their elected officials accountable, but facts and context are important. Please be sure to double check information given to you by others and ask them where they stand on an issue. And please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re unsure of where I stand on any issue. My home number is 218-828-3626.