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An ego is a terrible thing to waste

The State of Kansas is in the abyss of budgetary disaster. This was created by the effects of Conservative supply-side economics (tax cuts for the wealthy and deregulation). In 2011 Gov. Sam Brownback cut taxes on the wealthy by 25 percent, eliminated taxes on small business and made smaller tax cuts for people on the lower end. The results in eleven months, the deficit was $685 million literally wiping out a $700 million surplus and is now a deficit of $500 million. He tried to offset the losses by cutting education. Mainstream economists dismissed supply-side long ago. Comparing Minnesota and California (Democratic Controlled) and Wisconsin and Kansas (Republican controlled) progressive policies created much faster job and economic growth than “pro business” Republican policies. This is what the GOP candidates have to offer besides shutting down the government. The current crop of GOP candidates are typically vague in their ideas for any change to make government better. Both Mills and McFadden want to abolish Obamacare and replace it with what? Go back to fee for service medicine? The wrong track, must mean they want more tax breaks for the wealthy. This is perfectly clear to anyone breathing that they are completely self-serving. Remember, Jimmy Carter created more jobs than both Bush presidents put together. I’m sure this will short circuit some thought processes for some readers. Resources: Federal Reserve Economic Data and Center on budget and policy priorities.