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Abstraction and deception

Abstraction can be useful. It can sometimes make complex ideas or systems easier to understand. It can also be used for artful deception. In removing details and complexity, essential truths can be lost. This seems to be the problem in our political system; we no longer deal with the issues, only vicious attacks and never the problems we face and need to address.

The ads being placed by the political action groups against Mr. Mills are completely deception. Who would you want to represent you in Washington, someone who has money or someone who will go there to become rich as they seem to do. Many have gone there without money and returned millionaires.

Look at Mr. Ward, he is the truest example of a professional politician who represents a select group and does not represent you. Look at his voting record and make your own decision.

This is the year that voters should implement their own term limits (the politicians will never do it), vote for no one who has served eight years - they need to be replaced. Look at our mayor - way too many years in office. All he has accomplished is the appointment of many former councilmen to the public utilities commission; their benefits add up to one very good perk for the former politicians.

I say again vote for no one who has served eight years. Throw them out at all levels of government and stop the decay and self-serving righteousness.