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Be yourself, be a mentor

With the return of spring, perhaps now is the time to include a child in need into your plans. Experience planting a garden, watching the birds build their nests or cheering on your local softball team with a new, younger friend by your side.

Throughout Crow Wing and southern Cass counties, Kinship Partners has 52 children waiting for adult mentors — 24 girls and 28 boys. We need female as well as male mentors — individuals, couples or families with kids of their own — to step up to the plate and provide these waiting youngsters with additional positive role models and healthy activities to fill their time.

Charlie is a kind-hearted second-grader who lives with grandma and rarely interacts with his parents. Grandma would like him to have a sports-minded man to offer  pointers on basketball and tennis and share his love for history, especially the U.S. presidents. Charlie would like to fish, build things and enjoys checkers and other board games.

Curtis is an easy-going fifth-grader who expresses himself well and likes school. He lives with his mom and older sister and especially wishes he had grandparents in his life. Sports are his life — especially football — and would like a partner to help him in his upcoming gun safety training.

Do you like to fish, grab a ball or bat or deal out a game of cards? Consider including boys like Charlie or Curtis or a boy or girl from our waiting list. Your presence — just being you — will have a powerful, lifelong positive impact on any of these children.

Call Kinship at 829-4606 or email for more information. Check our website at for child profiles and application materials.