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CHILD IN NEED: You can make a difference in Brook’s life

Soon the weather will be calling us outdoors for picnics, grilling, bike riding, hiking and many other activities we northerners so look forward to.  Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy and share some of these things with a child who is also looking forward to these summer rituals?

Brook, 8, lives in the Brainerd/Baxter area with her parents and three siblings. She enjoys the things all girls her age enjoy but would especially benefit from a mentor because she is on the shy and quiet side. She says having a Kinship partner would be fun and she would like to learn how to make spaghetti. Other interests include baking, arts and crafts, reading, writing and her favorite thing of all — gymnastics.

Brook likes school and does quite well, although she tends to give up easily when doing something that’s more difficult. Brook has experienced some major changes in her life and is having some adjustment issues. An adult partner who is fun, active and willing to help Brook improve her self-image and confidence would be ideal.

In addition to Brook, there are 50 other children on our waiting list. You can make a difference by contacting us at 829-4606 in Brainerd, or toll free (if you live in the northern lakes or Crosby areas) at (877) 730-5437. You also may visit our website at