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Summer activities inside and outside of the center

  The Lakes Area Senior Activity Center has added programs, activities and events to appeal to the younger senior. If you are age 55 and up, these new activities may be of interest to you. To participate, you just need to be a member of the senior center and have a desire to have fun!

Our golf league started May 9, but you are welcome to join them at any time. They will be golfing every other week on Monday throughout the spring, summer and fall. The schedule will be May 23, June 6 and 20, July 11 and 25 and Aug. 8 and 22. You sign up by calling the senior center at 829-9345, on the Wednesday before noon and you will be added to the list. Monday morning the league meets at Cragun’s Legacy Par 3 course for a 9 a.m. start time. Costs are $7.50 plus tax for the golf and $10 plus tax for a shared golf cart. Join us for a fun golf outing. 

  The tennis league begins at 3 p.m. June 1 at the courts located on the west side of Gregory Park, Brainerd. They will be playing every Wednesday throughout the summer. You need to be a member of the senior center, a $15 annual membership. The center rents the courts from the City of Brainerd, so you need to pay $20 per person for the rental for the summer. The courts are reserved for the Senior Center Tennis League, swept off and ready for play! Interested? Call the senior center at 829-9345, dust off your racket and join them.

Golf and tennis are just a couple of outdoor activities that we have happening over the summer at the senior center. We have 40 other activities that happen either inside or outside of our walls. If you are interested in knowing what else is going on, please stop in for a tour and you will be surprised with what you will find!

DEANN BARRY is the Lakes Area Senior Activity Center director.