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Mitch’s mentor ‘should be nice and like to go to the waterpark’

• Who: Mitch, age 6

• Where: Brainerd

• Interests: Bike riding, swimming, fishing, building stuff. Wants to be a policeman when he grows up. 

• What I want my mentor to be like: “He should be nice and like to go to the waterpark.”  

• Current number of children waiting for partners: 25 boys; 19 girls.

At Kinship Partners we ask the children we serve many questions about their family, life, hobbies and interests. The answers to these questions dictate who a mentor might be for that child. It’s the everyday activities that our matches share together, based on common values, interests and hobbies, that make the best partnerships.  

Mentoring is simple. Mentors are ordinary people, doing ordinary things with extraordinary results. We provide the support, structure and supervision needed to make sure everyone experiences a safe and positive relationship. You only need to be yourself — a caring adult, willing to spend time with a child who needs a role model. 

For more information about Kinship Partners or any of the children on our waiting list, call (218) 829-4606, (877) 730-5437 or email or visit our website at www.kinshippartners. org.