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Wanted — a male mentor for Charlie

• Who: Charlie.

• Age: 8.

•Where: Pequot Lakes.

• Interests: sports, Cub Scouts, board games, bike riding, the U.S. presidents, eating pizza.

• Why I Want a Partner: “I want a happy man, maybe with kids, to do things with.”

• Number of children waiting for partners: 28 boys and 19 girls

Each month our partnerships and unmatched kids look forward to planned Kinship activities. The summer ahead means Lunkers and Twins baseball, fishing, area parades and jeep riding with the Lakes Area Wheelers. These activities, combined with caring conversations with a mentor, will create many priceless memories.

Kinship Partners is a nonprofit youth mentoring organization serving families in Crow Wing and southern Cass counties by providing positive role models to youth from the ages of 5-14. For more information, call (218) 829-4606 or (877) 730-5437 or email Visit our website at