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All aboard for a great time outside the walls of the senior center

When you research what a train station is you will find that it is a place where trains load and unload either people or goods. The Lakes Area Senior Activity Center has a station at Westgate Mall for people to learn about model railroading. 

There will be trains running on the tracks as time goes on, but for now it is just in the beginning stages of being set up.

The senior center  struggled with finding space for the Model Railroad Club to meet. Meeting space was not a problem, but a space where they could set up a model railroad and keep it up while continuing to work on the display was the problem. It needed to be a space where the display  could be set up where it would not be rearranged or parts taken. 

All of the center’s rooms are used by many groups and they rotate in and out as needed, so our rooms at the center did not work. We looked at other sites outside of the senior center; nothing panned out.

One day I was talking to the Westgate Mall manager about an exhibit that we were doing there and I explained the situation with the Model Railroad Club. I asked if the mall would ever consider donating a space for this group. It was decided that it could be worked out on a temporary basis. So, the Model Railroad Club has a store ront at Westgate Mall at the east end. We are so excited! We will be posting on the windows of the store front the hours that we will be there. Stop out and see what is happening.

The Model Railroad Club is looking for youth groups to work with on building railroad displays. If you know of a youth group that is interested, call DeAnn at 829-9345 and I will get you on track with the Model Railroad Club. If you are interested in participating with the Model Railroad Club, stop out to the mall and check out the times that the group will be there or call the senior center to find out.

DEANN BARRY is the Lakes Area Senior Activity Center director.