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A crowd of Warrior fans were led in the “Go Bananas” cheer during a recent Warri1 / 5
Superfan Brandon Strange (right) received a few strange looks when he sat down i2 / 5
Dressed in a Darth Vader outfit, Mitch McLain of Brainerd High School used a lig3 / 5
T-shirts with a prominent Warriors logo on the front were sold by this year’s Br4 / 5
Dressed in blue, a group of Warrior High School football fans cheered for their 5 / 5

In recent years, a growing number of Brainerd students have made it their mission to instill school spirit in the hearts and minds of their fellow students, teachers and families.  

These superfans aren’t limited to a single sport and can be seen at athletic events such as volleyball, football or hockey. It’s about being a part of a community and supporting that community with their presence and enthusiasm.

It takes guts, a complete lack of self-consciousness, a bunch of self-confidence and a great big helping of team spirit to be a Brainerd Warrior Superfan.

It also doesn’t hurt to have a costume.

Superfans show up to events in Warrior blue wardrobes. Some are elaborately garbed in the kind of outfits and accessories that wouldn’t seem out of place for a comic book superhero.

The peppy participants shout and cheer and dance — much of the time in unison as superfan ringleaders marshal their troops into routines such as the “Go Bananas” cheer or the interlude dance.

And as homecoming looms, one can’t help but imagine the elaborate preparations going on behind the scenes and look forward to seeing the culmination of all that school pride.

Go Warriors!

— Kelly Humphrey