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New Year's baby turns 1

Keri Wooden held her son Reid Dean Wooden, the first baby born in Crow Wing Coun1 / 4
Keri Wooden held her son Reid Dean Wooden, the first baby born in Crow Wing Coun2 / 4
Keri Wooden held her son Reid Dean Wooden, the first baby born in Crow Wing Coun3 / 4
Reid Dean Wooden, the first baby born in Crow Wing County in 2011, is turning on4 / 4

NISSWA — Baby Reid Dean Wooden who entered this world Jan. 2 as the first Crow Wing County Baby of the Year is not so little anymore.

Reid, the son of Keri and Toby Wooden of Nisswa, is a busy little boy, crawling around like crazy and putting anything he can in his mouth.

This smiling New Year’s boy loves to play with his two older brothers, Leif, 6 1/2, and Kale, 3 1/2, especially when they are wrestling, said Keri Wooden.

“He loves to wrestle with his brothers,” said Wooden. “If he sees them wrestling, he’ll head right in there and also be rowdy.”

Wooden said Reid’s first year has gone well, despite the piles upon piles of laundry.

“Our laundry has tripled,” said Wooden. “This is Reid’s third outfit of the day (Dec. 20) and the bibs are constant. If I didn’t use the bibs he’d go through more outfits. His drool is constant. We also use cloth diapers so I have to wash them every three days.”

Wooden said Reid is an easy going boy who is always on the go.

“He’s into everything,” said Wooden. “He loves to be outside. He always tries to take his shoes off when he is outside, which isn’t good in the cold weather.”

Wooden said Reid wears an amber teething necklace that’s suppose to alleviate the pain of teething. Wooden said she’s not sure if it works since she hasn’t taken it off, but she believes it does.

“I have some friends who have them,” said Wooden. “One tried it out and said it didn’t work and another friend said she took it off for a few days when her child was at day care and the provider told her to put it back on.”

Reid has seven teeth. He got his first tooth at the end of July and a day later his brother Leif lost his first baby tooth. When Leif lost his second tooth in November, Reid got his second tooth.

Reid began crawling at 8 months old and began pulling himself up at 9 months old. He also can sign the words more, no, thank you and water.

Reid is almost 20 pounds and has been in the 90 percentage tile for children his age for weight.

“He’s a good eater and loves raspberries,” said Wooden. “And he loves the bathtub.”

Water was Reid’s first experience, as he was born in an inflatable kiddle pool that was placed in the Wooden’s living room where the birth occurred.

Reid’s favorite toy is the computer mouse that sits in the living room’s end table.

“We try to keep it away from him, but he’s always going after it,” Wooden smiled. “They always want things they can’t have.”

Reid’s brothers love to play with him and Kale calls him “Reid-O, Reid-O, Really Neat-O.” His brother Leif helps his parents take care of him by grabbing diapers for them and other helpful jobs.

Wooden said Reid hasn’t been sick a lot this year. She credits it to his visits with the chiropractor.

“He’s been seeing the chiropractor since Day 3,” said Wooden. “All three boys go to the chiropractor bi-weekly. I really attribute these visits to the kids being healthy. None of them have been on any medications.”

As Wooden said medications, Leif said, “What’s medications?”

And when it is time to go to bed, Wooden said the boys don’t go to bed easy, but when Reid gets up in the morning he’ll contentedly play in his crib for 20 minutes because he wants to get out.

As for another baby? Wooden said her answer today would be no, but another day, who knows?

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