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Hoping for snow??

Yes! That’s what some seniors at the Lakes Area Senior Activity Center are hoping for, snow. Typically, during the month of March, that comes true and we are ready to enjoy it. We are wishing for snow so seniors in the lakes area — who are members of the center, be a member with an annual membership of $15 — can check out the snowshoes that were donated to us! We were gifted 20 sets of snowshoes; 12 women’s and eight men’s. The set includes snowshoes, poles and a carrying bag.

All you need is a pair of good winter boots and a desire to be outdoors! The area has great snowshoeing trails. The Northland Arboretum in Brainerd/Baxter have wonderful trails for you to try out. Stop in and get a map and you are ready to make tracks on the trail!

Are you part of a group of seniors who would like to go for a snowshoeing outing? Call ahead to reserve your group sets of snowshoes and the bring them back when you are done walking the trail. A fresh cup of coffee will be waiting here for you when you return.

To check out your snowshoes, you need to be a member of the center. Fill out a Snowshoe check out form and grab a bag! You can check them out for a day or for a few days if you want. The center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Snowshoeing is only one of the activities that the center has to offer individuals age 55 and older. Stop in at 803 Kingwood St., Brainerd, and see firsthand what other activities, programs and events you might be interested in. Come on in, we are waiting for you!

DEANN BARRY is the Lakes Area Senior Activity Center director.