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Fair, food and fond memories

Dennis had forgotten how much he enjoyed fairs as a boy growing up on the farm. One afternoon, he found his 4-H ribbons in a box at the bottom of his closet.

He had gotten a first place ribbon for his prize pig, Arnold. Dennis remembered how he had bathed Arnold and then just before the judges came to the pig barn, Arnold found a mud hole to roll in! He had never washed that pig up so fast in his life! After all of that, Arnold still won first place! It was a good memory!

Another ribbon, second place, had been for his Muskie lure. Dennis had carved it out of wood that he had found in his father’s garage. Now Dennis was a seasoned wood carver and enjoyed gathering on Thursday mornings at the Lakes Area Senior Activity Center with the carving group. He thought about the fact that the Muskie lure was probably the first thing he had ever carved and it had planted the seed that grew into his love for carving!

As Dennis planned out his week, he decided that a trip through the Crow Wing County Fair would be on the list. Dennis volunteered for a shift in the senior center’s booth in Industrial Building No. 4. After his shift, he would visit the pig barn, the 4-H building and end his visit with a honey sundae. A trip to the fair certainly includes a little fair food!

DEANN BARRY is the Lakes Area Senior Activity Center director